Spellpoint IAM Services – Identity and Access Management

IAM – Usability and Security

Spellpoint’s IAM Services help secure our clients’ growth and enable their digitalization and eServices. We help mitigating risk. We make collaboration easier. Now and tomorrow, we all are users of digital systems in all areas of life — from banking to riding a cab. Identity Management (IdM) and Access Management (AM) makes work smoother by always letting users access the needed services quickly and easily, while not compromising on security.

Spellpoint is the leading IAM boutique in Finland. We have built Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions since 2000. Spellpoint is unique in the Finnish market as being the only company of significant size focusing solely on IAM services. We are a service company with no own product. Instead our solutions are based on the products of our software partners. We have several partners to be able to find the best IAM solution for each and every customer. We serve customers of all sizes, ranging from 100 to over 200,000 identities. Is your organization planning to improve IAM capabilities? Ask our help – we know what works and how to avoid pitfalls.

Why IAM?

You cannot let everyone access everything. IAM solution authenticates your organization’s users and you can give them the exact access rights they need — no more, no less.

IAM solution functions best when you don’t even notice it: you just can do your work. The access rights are set according to your work role(s). From security point of view, it is important that access rights can be granted and removed quickly, and that no one has too wide access rights. As organization gets bigger, the more essential it is to have a centralized control of access rights. IAM solution helps to prevent internal fraud as well as attacks from outside the organization.

Security: The users of an organization need to be authenticated properly, and they need to have correct access rights that are valid just as long as necessary.

Efficiency: For an organization to serve its purpose efficiently, it is essential that users can access necessary services easily.

Spellpoint service areas

Spellpoint offers services under the following Identity and Access Management (IAM) areas

Spellpoint service model

Spellpoint offers services for all your IAM needs - consultation, piloting, implementation, support and maintenance.