Securing the Digital Evolution with Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Secure the digital evolution of your organization through our Identity and Access Management services

In the era of digitalization, the traditional network security does not cut it. Identity is the security perimeter. Identity Management (IdM) and Access Management (AM) are the core foundation of cybersecurity. Why do you need Identity and Access Management? Because there is always a need to control access to data. Whether in business or other organizations, access to data needs to be restricted to only those who need it, based on their role.


For your customers

  • Improve competitiveness by offering easy access and good user experience
  • Increase customer conversion by 30 – 80 %
  • Ensure privacy and GDPR compliance

For your employees

  • Improve efficiency by providing the right accesses for your employees quickly
  • Increase job satisfaction with better user experience
  • Ensure security with least privilege accesses and automated revocation process

IAM services

We offer services for all your IAM needs - consultation, piloting, implementation, support and maintenance.

  • Luotsi Navigator – IAM Consultation Navigator helps you to understand the current state of IAM and to find the most import areas to focus on in enhancing your IAM capabilities. It also maps the way for your organization to get there. READ MORE
  • Pilot – Basic IAM solution Pilot delivers quick results by enhancing your IAM capabilities and gets you going to the right direction - a base foundation and architecture that is easy to build upon. READ MORE
  • Craftsman – IAM Solution Craftsman implements an Identity and Access Management solution that suits you the best. Craftsman starts from either Loihde Trust Spellpoint Navigator’s plans or ones from you. READ MORE
  • Caretaker – IAM Support Caretaker makes sure your IAM is running smoothly! In the event of any problems Caretaker takes corrective actions swiftly and with expertise. READ MORE
  • hovimestari Butler – IAM-as-a-Service Butler is carefree IAM-as-a-Service offering. Leave your IAM service in our capable hands and free your resources to do other things. READ MORE
  • leipuri Baker – Lightweight IAM solution Baker is a lightweight IAM solution, specifically designed to address key IAM areas. It is a cost efective lightweight solution that can bring benefits and value also to smaller organizations. READ MORE

IAM Solutions

IAM solutions

  • Identity Management (IdM) – Digital Identity Lifecycle Centralized Identity Management solution manages user accounts and access rights across the organization. Identity Management improves efficiency and increases security. READ MORE
  • Access Management (AM) – Secure Access to Data Access Management (AM) manages the users' access to systems and resources, and protects them from unauthorized use. READ MORE
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) A Single Sign-On (SSO) solution lets users log in to multiple services with just one login event and password. READ MORE
  • Customer IAM – CIAM Customer IAM enables safe and easy access for you customers. READ MORE
  • Privileged Access Management – PAM Privileged Access Management, PAM, ensures that IT and server administrators are able to perform their duties efficiently, while ensuring secure management over the use of these privileged credentials. READ MORE
  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) helps govern the digital identities across your organization. IGA provides visibility to users and to their entitlements. READ MORE

Benefits from IAM

  • 1 million € Direct savings per year with centralized IdM 5000 employee co.
  • 3 month ROI With PW self-service reset ~1400 employee co.
  • 33% faster Onboarding process with centralized IdM ~5000 employee co.
  • 100 000 € saved From license & cloud costs with centralized IdM ~20 000 employee co.

Customer experiences

  • Loihde Trust Spellpoint helped us finding the right approach in identity and access management (IAM) and provided valuable support in finding the right solutions.

    Loihde Trust Spellpoint’s IAM pilot was successful, provided valuable insight and helped us to an easy decision to move forward with the solu

    - Juha Allonen - Tallink Silja – Read more
  • Loihde Trust Spellpoint is a partner we can fully rely on. They have competent resources. They show good customer oriented approach. They respond quickly to the enquiries we are sending to them. In communication, they are very open and easy to go with.

    - Bart Rammelaere, Outokumpu Oyj – Read more