Leading IAM Boutique in Finland Presents – Saving Dave since 2000

18/04/2016 | Kirjoittanut: Janne Sirén | Aihe: IAM, Identiteetinhallinta (IdM) Image for Leading IAM Boutique in Finland Presents – Saving Dave since 2000

Spellpoint is the leading IAM boutique in Finland. We deliver Identity and Access Management solutions that enable e-services for clients and safe access for employees. We are the largest dedicated IAM company in Finland with a customer-base spanning companies from 1,000 to 100,000 identities – yet we are small enough to be very agile and cost-effective. Having done IAM since 2000, we are probably older at this than the word IAM itself.

In our line of business, the common question is: What is the cost of IAM? Yet, our experience is, the question should be: What is the cost of being without IAM. So much so, that we have even perfected a ROI calculation to this end (see our Finnish blog or ask us for more).

It is, of course, only natural for most businesses and professionals to overestimate the importance of their particular field. It is a form of confirmation bias. In fact, we should all be so lucky to have such a passion in what we do, that we genuinely feel it is the one thing the whole world should invest in and never compromise. At Spellpoint, we are happy to have that passion for IAM.

However, neat calculations and overinflated self-satisfaction aside, in our game this question can actually be existential. In a world that increasingly runs on data and data processing, this is true for all the players that do their part in keeping the digital up and running. IAM is one of these mission critical parts – Spellpoint’s part.

And this is where our protagonist Dave enters the picture. Because at the end of the day, Dave is likely as big a risk to your company’s existence as the evils of internet are. And we say this with all the love and fondness for Dave that we can muster. Dave is a good guy and he is good at his job, but if you are not careful, he will also kill or maim you. I’m sorry Dave, but it is quite true.

Dave sometimes does stupid things. He doesn’t mean to, but still they happen. In identity and access management a single mistake by Dave can shut down an entire company by cancelling all computer accounts and physical access permits. Imagine the impact of nobody being able to work, all because Dave made a mistake with some mass operation. Insert this into a critical juncture for the company and you have a career-killer or worse, a company-killer.

One part of identity and access management is limiting the number of Daves that access the vital organs of the company. That takes care of most of the Daves. But we can never lock out all the Daves. Some Dave or another will still need to be able to maintain the company structure. What we need are automated safeguards.

And this is one of those important things we do at Spellpoint. The safeguards. We recognize the risks and develop automated solutions that take control when Dave is being Dave. Even if Dave really needs to have the power to shut down the entire company, we are there to make sure that if Dave exercises that power by accident, the IAM system refuses to comply.

How do we know when it is an accident? That’s the part where doing this, and only this, for 15+ years helps.

It is said that locks exist to keep honest people honest. I would also argue locks exist to keep imperfect people from being too imperfect. Much of the time IAM is not about keeping the bad guys out, but about keeping the good guys in.

Because, on some days, we are all Dave.

Janne Sirén
Chairman, Spellpoint –
Leading IAM boutique in Finland