Spellpoint Navigator Maps Your Way

IAM Consultation that finds out your IAM needs and helps to create a complete plan

Spellpoint Navigator is IAM consultation service that helps you to understand your current state: how your identities are managed and where any identity data is stored. We create a full picture of your target state and how to get there. With our 18 years of experience in IAM, we guarantee to find the fastest ways to benefit your business. We help you to decide how to move from plans to execution so that the goal will be reached. Our high customer satisfaction tells that Spellpoint Navigator projects are delivered quickly and cost-effectively with the best outcomes. If you have identity and access management needs then Spellpoint Navigator is your trusted advisor. Based on the findings in the Spellpoint Navigator you can proceed to a initial IAM pilot with Spellpoint Little Pilot service – or you can start implementing a full IAM solution with Spellpoint Craftsman.

Spellpoint Navigator:

  • Finds out your IAM needs and goals
  • Analyzes your current state of IAM
  • Creates a plan to get to the target state from where you are at the moment
  • Presents the plan and detailed suggestions, including a schedule and a budget


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Spellpoint service model

Spellpoint offers services for all your IAM needs - consultation, piloting, implementation, support and maintenance.