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Access Management (AM)

Access Management (AM) manages the users' access to systems and resources, and protects them from unauthorized use.

Access Management Solution

  • Protects your services and resources from unauthorized use
  • Enables safe and easy access for the users
  • Provides faster and more convenient use with Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Takes care of user authentication
  • Enables risk-based or strong authentication

Access Management lets users log in to services easily and safely, no matter which device they use and where they access from. Access Manager makes sure that the user is who they claim to be (authentication). It is the interface between internet and the service to be accessed. Accessing services can be made more convenient with Single Sign-on (SSO) or Mobile Access solutions. Access Manager also enables context-based authentication — e.g. by requiring stronger authentication at certain times or when accessing from outside the organization network. Strong authentication can be achieved by using SMS, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), mobile authenticators, or other methods.

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