Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is a carefree and easy way to solve your Identity and Access Management needs.

Identity as a Service includes

  • Availability SLA of 99 % (24/7)
  • Incident management with SLA
  • Service requests
  • Platform (servers)
  • The required software licenses

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) includes everything needed. Service is provided from customer specific instances (no shared environments). Customer requirements will determine what service components and functionalities are included. Spellpoint Navigator IAM consultation service can be utilized to find out what is needed. Implementation project is required before the start of the service and can be done as Spellpoint Craftsman IAM solution implementation.

Spellpoint Identity as a Service (IDaaS) benefits:

  • Cost efficient: Pay per use as you go, per month per identity
  • Cash flow efficient: Payment monthly in arrears (no front investments to software licenses)
  • Carefree: Availability SLA and all the incidents are covered in the service
  • Customer specific: Can be built to solve customer specific use cases unlike many other IDaaS approaches

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