Baker – Lightweight IAM solution

”I love the smell of IAM in the morning!”
– Enni, Spellpoint's IAM baker

Do we have the resources for this?

For a small or mid-sized organization IAM might feel too massive or expensive. Are you worried that the investments made to an IAM solution do not provide enough benefits to justify the decision? Spellpoint’s Baker is a lightweight IAM solution, specifically designed to address key IAM areas. It is a cost efective lightweight solution that can bring benefits and value also to smaller organizations.


”One fresh bread, coming up in no time!” - Enni -

What is included in the Spellpoint Baker?


The secret of Spellpoint's legendary IAM bread is the dough root from 2000. An inimitable and unbeatable recipe.

Spellpoint baker uses leading technologies as a backbone to a lightweight IAM solution. In it’s core there is centralized user repository, where administrator can easily check all users and their entitlements. On top of that the solution offers ready connctors to vast group of commonly used cloud services, which are very easily onnected. By customers themselves if they wish to. For the end users the solution offer easy dashboard, from where to connect to all the applicable cloud services and systems. With single-sign on, obviously. To enhance the security single sign-on is always backed by two-factor authentication.


How is Spellpoint Baker implemented?

First the baker asks you to provide some background information. Based on the information the baker will do her magic and provide you with tasty fresh pastry – ready lightweight IAM solution. Your organizations key users will be trained, and all will be documented. Spellpoint baker in there to help should you need to take on nw features or applications. With baker’s recipe, it is also easy to do a lot yourself. But should you need help, Baker is here for you.


”Spellpoint’s coveted IAM bread is not empty calories but healthy and nourishing nutrients for everyone.” - Enni -


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