Butler – IAM-as-a-Service

– James, Spellpoint's Butler

IAM taking to many resources to manage?

Even though IAM solution might be working well, there tends to be a lot involved in the management. If there is desire to free resources from managing an IAM service, then Spellpoint’s Butler might be just the man for the task. Spellpoint Butler is basically IAM-as-a-Service offering. The service can be provided as a total service, including the platform the IAM service is runnning on. Alternatively we can have Butler working as a managed service on top of your infrastructure, should that be preferred.

IAM-as-a-Service frees resources

Spellpointi’s Butler manages:

  • software licenses used in the IAM service
  • all incident and problem management support
  • version updates and security patches
  • service platform/servers

The pricing is done per month per user. The costs are therefore easily predictable, which helps in budgeting.

”Should we start today?” - James -

Spellpoint recruitment comments: ”We just hired our latest butler James. He is energetic young man who is not afraid to take on any task. Despite his young age he is decisive, good and articulate communicator and also a brilliant conversationalist. James understands the need for finer things in life and will be happy to serve you platinum, with white gloves."

How do we get the services of Spellpoint Butler?

To procure the services of Spellpoint Butler, you need to have already a IAM service in place. If your organization does not yet have an IAM strategy or ready IAM solution, Spellpoint can help to create them with Spellpoint Navigator and Spellpoint Craftsman.


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