Caretaker – IAM Support

”Don't worry, I'll take care of it.”
– Pekka, Spellpoint's Caretaker

Professional IAM Support at Your Service

Consider Caretaker Service when

  • you have IAM solution up and running and you need a competent partner to support and develop that
  • you need to make sure that IAM solution runs smoothly and there are professionals ready to help should you need any

”With Spellpoint's Caretaker service we do not need to worry about running the IAM service and we can focus on our own business.”

What Caretaker does?


“I am the Caretaker. I've always been the Caretaker.” - Pekka -

Caretaker service can be agreed based on the size and needs of each customer, it can include:

  • incident support
  • problem management
  • service requests
  • preventive maintenance
  • changes and development

This is how Caretaker operates

Service will typically be up and running fully within 1 month

  • Caretaker is organized using ITIL framework
  • Service agreement will include SLAs, such as availability and incident response & solution times
  • Operative things to agree are recurring meetings and reporting
  • Pricing can be agreed to be
    • 1) fully fixed & all inclusive
    • 2) fully metered based on hours or tickets
    • 3) typically something in between the two



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