Craftsman – IAM Solution

”Crafting with feeling!”
– Ilmari, Spellpoint's Craftsman

All-in IAM Solution for a Demanding Environment

  • Well planned and skillfully crafted identity and access management solutions for a demanding environment
  • Craftsman works well to answer every customer need

“We have users and systems all over. We would like to have all identities managed in one place.”

What does Craftsman do?


Spellpoint Craftsman will craft a IAM solution to meet each customer’s specific needs:

High-level scope of Craftsman includes:

  • identity lifecycle management
  • integration to HR system
  • centralized visibility to identities and user rights
  • request and approval of user rights
  • reporting of user rights
  • attestation and governance
  • automated user provisioning to key systems

Craftsman can work using IAM software procured or already owned by the customer. Spellpoint can also include the IAM software to the Craftsman offer if so requested.

This is how Craftsman works


We offer Craftsman tailored to the requirements presented by the customer.

Planning and preparations (1-2 months)

We will fine tune the specifications and scope.

Implementation (1-6 months)

We work in 3 weeks sprints.

Deployemnt (1 month)

After testing we deploy and train the key stakeholders.

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”Craftsman works using best raw materials with great respect and intensity.”


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