Craftsman – IAM Solution

Spellpoint Craftsman Forges a Complete IAM Solution

We forge a complete IAM solution based on your needs

IAM Solution for you. Spellpoint Craftsman implements an Identity and Access Management solution that suits you the best.

We Deliver:

Spellpoint Craftsman starts from either Spellpoint Navigator’s plans or ones from you. The implementation is divided into prioritized work packages. We work with agile methods, as well as our customers preferred methods. We guarantee a successful IAM implementation that starts to bring benefits quickly: more efficiency and better security.

Spellpoint Craftsman:

  • Agrees upon the goals and scope of your IAM solution
  • Creates a detailed project plan, including project model, work roles, schedule, budget, responsibilities, and ways to measure success
  • Uses Kanban or any other project methodology you prefer
  • Takes care that a tested solution is taken into production


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