Navigator – IAM Consultation

"Let's see what is the best route."
-Rune, Spellpoint's Navigator

Difficulties in seeing the bigger picture?

Often the organization’s state of Identity and Access Management is difficult to understand fully. There is no visibility and too many open questions.

Marvin (name changed), 42 years old IT Manager straightens his cardigan. He has just learned that there are dangerous job roles in SAP. Segregation of duties is not properly handled. Different risk scenarios go through Marvin's mind. He becomes pale, and curls under his desk and whimpers.

Things are not as gloomy as they seem

”Hmmm,okay. Let's take it easy and plan the way forward.”, says Rune with calm voice. Rune loves to navigate, and can easily onboard a ship even in heavy seas. With ease.

Over 20 years of experince helps Navigator to get a good grasp of the current situation in IAM.

When the current state is known, in the next step Navigator will help to plan the desired target state. And the best route how to get there. Sail towards better tomorrow while avoiding the shallows.

Right map and navigation plan for you

Every customer has a different starting point and different goal.

Navigation plan will be made specifically for each and every customer. For some customers efficiency and automation are key drivers. Others need better visibility or they need to report user rights for compliance reasons.

”Just a simple net is often good way to get plenty of fish.” - Rune -

This is how Navigator works

  • Current state analysis
    Navigator maps the starting point of the IAM journey
  • Target state planning
    Navigator plans where the customer wants to end up in its IAM journey.
  • Implementation plan
    Navigator presents a high level plan on how to get to the desired target state
luotsi merikartta

Navigator work stages

Spellpoint navigator prosess

What happens after Navigator?

The reports from Navigator help your organization to make better decisions on how to proceed in enhancing your IAM capabilities.  Your organization visibility and understanding within IAM is increased.

Natural next step afte the Navigator is to proceed with basic IAM implementation with Spellpoint Pilot or go straight for a full IAM solution with Craftsman.

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Spellpoint's IAM services

Spellpoint offers services for all your IAM needs - consultation, piloting, implementation, support and maintenance.

  • Luotsi Navigator – IAM Consultation Spellpoint Navigator helps you to understand the current state of IAM and to find the most import areas to focus on in enhancing your IAM capabilities. It also maps the way for your organization to get there. READ MORE
  • Pilot – Basic IAM solution Spellpoint Pilot delivers quick results by enhancing your IAM capabilities and gets you going to the right direction - a base foundation and architecture that is easy to build upon. READ MORE
  • Craftsman – IAM Solution Spellpoint Craftsman implements an Identity and Access Management solution that suits you the best. Spellpoint Craftsman starts from either Spellpoint Navigator’s plans or ones from you. READ MORE
  • Caretaker – IAM Support Caretaker makes sure your IAM is running smoothly! In the event of any problems Caretaker takes corrective actions swiftly and with expertise. READ MORE
  • hovimestari Butler – IAM-as-a-Service Spellpoint Butler is carefree IAM-as-a-Service offering. Leave your IAM service in our capable hands and free your resources to do other things. READ MORE
  • leipuri Baker – Lightweight IAM solution Spellpoint's Baker is a lightweight IAM solution, specifically designed to address key IAM areas. It is a cost efective lightweight solution that can bring benefits and value also to smaller organizations. READ MORE

Spellpoint's IAM services

Spellpoint offers services for all your IAM needs - consultation, piloting, implementation, support and maintenance.