Pilot – Basic IAM solution

”Aim for the horizon!”
– Amelia, Spellpoint's pilot

Basic IAM Solution

Spellpoint Pilot works well when you

  • don’t have time or budget for a full scale IAM
  • are hesitant on the scope of what needs to be achieved in IAM
  • want to get started with basic functionality and build upon that

“We need to manage the lifecycle of our identities and make sure that we have good governance. The AD accounts need to be created automatically for new employees based on the data from the HR system."

Pilot scope


”Venture to new horizons!” - Amelia -

Spellpoint Pilot is a basic IAM solution with the following scope:

  • Initial planning and consultation
  • Building identity lifecycle process
  • Source integration from HR system
  • Target integration to AD and/or AAD
  • Request and approval of user rights
  • Basic automation of user rights (dynamic roles and birth rights)
  • Basic governance

How we move forward

  • Spellpoint finds out needed information
  • Additional work packages can be agreed on top of the basic scope
  • We agree on how the solution will be supported when in production (example Spellpoint Caretaker)
  • Spellpoint deliveres the Pilot and possible additional work packages
  • We train the key people to the solution
This will take time about 2-3 months.

welcome to the flight

“Welcome to the flight!”


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